Australia and Boating: An insight

Australia, to give a little background information about its history and geography, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent. To wit, it is the world’s sixth largest country in demographic area and its near countries include East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Vanuatu, and New Zealand. Australia has been defined as a country that was inhabited by indigenous people who roughly spoke more or less 250 language groups. Also Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world having the 12th place to have the largest economy and fifth-highest per capita income. As regards to its geography, Australia has a wide variety of biogeographic regions considering that it is the world’s smallest continent having extremely diverse mountains and tropical forests.

Australia and Boating

Tourist Sites: The Waters

Talking about tourist sites, Australia is more specifically know for its iconic beach destinations. But, aside from that, there’s also a vast land that has been beautifully made naturally. To mention, they have the Victoria’s Great Ocean Road that links seaside towns, famous surf beaches, and the Twelve Apostles road. They also have the ever famous Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park that has the blue-green sea and consists of knuckles of Granite Mountains that’s also surrounded by awesome bays and white sand beaches. Australia also has numerous spectacular falls and must-be-seen Reefs. One of which is the Mitchell Falls. The energy of the said place is unbelievable showing Mother Nature at its finest. Also, we have the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest fringing reefs and you can also swim with sharks, which attracted mos t of the tourists.

The Australians do take pride of their beaches. They are worldly renowed because of it because you can obviously see the longest stretches of sand-covered coast line that they contain, not to mention its waters’ and sorroundings’ universally-high quality. The Aussies have also taken part in growing the beauty of their nature. They take good care of the beaches, keeping pollution and garbages away. Although there are hundreds of beaches in Australia where the tourists and natives do flock a lot of times, there are certain beaches/ resorts that have been very well-knowned. One, to consider, is the 75 Mile beach in Fraser Island that has various stretches of multi-colored sands that form vivid mosaics of hues that range from the standard white to bright ranges to ochre tones. The waters at 75 Mile Beach is truly crystal clear and even one section of the shoreline is called as the “Champagne Pools”. Another one is the Noosa Main Beach which has the perfect pristine water, and picture-perfect sand. Dolphins can be fund and the waves are ideal for swimming and the beach is well-patrolled and rich in marine and shore-dwelling wildlife as well. Also, there’s the Cable Beach Broome in Western Australia. This beach is proviedd with the “Sunset Bar” and most especially the sunset camel rides (not to mention that it’s only within walking distance from the Broome town which is very convenient for the people).

The waters in Australia are also made for boating. Some of the Aussies do love recreational boating. In their spare time, they travel the seas and enjoy a nice siesta time in the middle of the ocean. Also, they do boating competiton or boat racing, a sport in which boats, powered by oars, race on water. Kinds of boat racing include the man-powered boat racing, sail-powered boat racing, and motorboat racing. Famous boating destinations include the Abrolhos Islands (60km off the coast of Geraldton in the mid-west), Further North Shark Bay, the Perth Metropolitan Area (with bays of pristine waters and coral reefs and will only take 40 minutes in the average 5.00m runabout for owners of smaller boats), and the Bunbury and Busselton (that offer good boating conditions and cruising destinations serviced by marinas and harbours).
Therefore, choosing a boat if you want to go boating should be considered as well aside from the place that you want to sail. Considering that boats do have higher (and still increasing) prices, it is a matter of fact that people who engage and who want to engage in such recreation do avail boat loans.

Boat Loans

A boat loan, by its name, is a loan for those who need extra financial help in either purchasing or leasing a boat. It works just like any other loan: you can have your choice of secured or unsecured loans as well. Unsecured loans don’t need security but you have to prove that you will successfully pay back the loan on the agreed credit terms while the secured loans require an asset for security in closing a loan.

Leading boat loans include loans from the bank of Aussie, St. George, NAB personal loan, GE Money debt consolidation loan, RACV Personal loan, and the BankSA. In Aussie, you can consolidate your multiple debts to one low interest loans. The St. George secured personal loan offers a great fixed rate loan offer to finance a car or boat loan. The NAB Personal Loan provides a low interest rate loan with redraw facility to access money that you have paid in advance. Meanwhile, the GE Money debt consolidation loan can be used in whatever purpose so you can either renovate a boat or buy a boat. You can also loan when booking a holiday The BankSA loan allows a borrowing of up to $40,000 for a longer period of time up to 7 years.
As regards to the comparison of boat loans, what needs to be considered are the interest rates on offer, the fixed repayments, the longevity of the loan term, the loan limit that’s set, and the type of loan if it’s either secured or unsecured.

Aside from that what’s good in a boat loan is that it gives you access to extra money, could even get you to a fast loan approval (depending on the provider), and could provide access to competitive interest rates. But, put in mind, when getting a loan, always take note of the hidden fees and interest charges. Just like any other credits, there’s a fee in applying for a boat loan. Always research and try to find out what fees are liable for and always plan ahead to avoid excessive costs and make sure that you can pay whatever amount it is that you owe in order to have a good credit background as well.

You have known a little bit background about Australia and have also received an insight about the places good for sailing and the kinds of boat loans that certain banks offer as well. What are you waiting for? Try and sail.